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Volume-6 Issue-4

MARCH 2019

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31th MARCH 2019

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Volume-1 Issue-3

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Title : Comparison of Performance and Cost Analysis of Single Rotor and Contra Rotor for Offshore Wind Energy System

Authors : Sandip Samanta, Hyacinth J. Kennady


Title : Design and Implementation of Real-Time Smart Meter with Embedded Web Server Capability

Authors : Gopakumar S., B. C. Kavitha


Title : Thermal Analysis of Parabolic Dish Snow Melting Device

Authors : Kailash Karunakaran, Hyacinth J. Kennady


Title : Survey on different approaches of GyTAR routing protocol in VANET

Authors : Thaker Jigna, Chauhan Tarulata


Title : Compact Broad Band Microstrip antenna for L-S-C Band Wireless communication

Authors : Deepa Singh Bundela, Syed Uvaid


Title : The Channel Randomizing and Modulation By locRF

Authors : Arpita patel, Prof. Sumitra shah


Title : Comparison of Various Systems On Chip Buses - A Case Study

Authors : Swati N. Chauhan, Pratik S. Kadecha


Title : Clustering Based Head Count Using Hough Circle Transform

Authors : Avita Verlekar, Dr. H.G. Virani


Title : Enhancement of Differential Time Lapse Video Technique Using Visible and Invisible Video Watermarking Techniques

Authors : P. J. Lakhani, Garima Mathur, Ketan Tilala


Title : Comparison of BER for QAM and QPSK Based OFDM System in AWGN Channel

Authors : Prabhatkumar M. Rabari, Prof. R. N. Patel, Prof. C. D. Parekh


Title : Extraction of Heart Rate from a Facial Video

Authors : Larissa Carvalho, H.G. Virani, Shajahan Kutty


Title : Survey on Different Approaches for Illumination Invariant Face Recognition

Authors : Chande Anita, Shah Khushbu


Title : Tri-Band Planar Inverted F-Antenna for GPS, UMTS and WLAN or Bluetooth Applications

Authors : Saneh Surya Phadte, Dr. H. G. Virani


Title : Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Wi-MAX Technology and 802.16 OFDM Physical Layer

Authors : Nakul R. Mehta, Prof. Rajesh Ishwar


Title : Capacity Evaluation and Modal Analysis of Lubricating Oil Sump of V-10 Diesel Engine

Authors : Shiva A. Gurule, Dr. S. T. Chavan, S. K. Pathak


Title : Ultra Wideband Microstrip Bandpass Filter with Mitred Tee Junction

Authors : Elito D. J. Fernandes, Dr. H. G. Virani


Title : Design of Microstrip Bandpass Filter at 2.3 GHz

Authors : Richa Arolkar, Dr. Hassanali Virani


Title : Efficiency Improvent of Facial Expression Recognition Using PCA

Authors : Patel Gayatri P., Prof. Dipal Patel, Prof. Jigar Patel


Title : Experimental Study on Ferrocement Channel Units under Flexural Loading

Authors : Prof. M. S. Kulkarni, Kawaljeet Singh Chhabra