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Volume-6 Issue-4

MARCH 2019

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31th MARCH 2019

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Volume-1 Issue-5

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Title : Review on Design of Cam Geometry for Minimization of Fillet Radius Effect in Square Hole Drilling Operations

Authors : R. D. GOHIL, M. S. KAGTHARA


Title : Jatropha Oil Extraction - An Alternative Source of Energy

Authors : Vinay Pattanashetti, Angelo Noronha, Prashant D Hulaji, Priyanka K Savagaon, Shruti S Patil


Title : Non-Linear Time History Analysis of Steel Moment Resisting Frame with Energy Disspating System

Authors : Nadya Baracho, H. R. Magar Patil


Title : Improving the Security in MANET using Certificate Revocation with Vindication Capability

Authors : S. Nithya


Title : Effect of Various Wire Electrodes’ Material on Cutting Rate of D3 Material

Authors : Rajeev Kumar, Dr. Amit Kohli, Supreet Singh, Deepak Ashri


Title : Parameter Condition of Being Optimized For MIG Welding Of Austenitic Stainless Steel & Low Carbon Steel Using Taguchi Method

Authors : Sonu Prakash Sharma, Amit Bhudhiraja


Title : Stress Analysis of Bevel Gear Tool, Using FEA Tool ANSYS V.14

Authors : Ms. Shweta Khaire, Mr. Shachindra Sheode


Title : Reaping Cloud by Ensuring Data Storage Security

Authors : Ms. Khushboo A. Sandhi


Title : Development of E-Commerce Application on Open Source Platform Using Project Management Approach

Authors : Syed Ziaul Mustafa, Vikram N. Bahadurdesai, Dr. N. S. Narahari


Title : Review Paper on Selection of Mechanism for TIG Welding Machine

Authors : N. M. Gamit, P. S. Puranik, B. M. Garala


Title : Review Paper on Performance and Exhaust Gas Analysis of Agricultural Diesel Engine by Using Neem Oil and CNG-A Comparative Analysis

Authors : Jugal J. Pate1, Shailesh M. Patel


Title : Effective Preserving and Sharing a Nation’s Cultural Heritage Information Using Data Compression

Authors : Aisha Fernandes, Wilson Jeberson


Title : Modeling, Design and Analysis with Implementation of an UPS Prototype Using PWM

Authors : J. K. Moharana, N. Behera, R. Patel, R. K. Pradhan, R. K. satapathy, A. Sahoo, B. Parasar