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Volume-6 Issue-4

MARCH 2019

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31th MARCH 2019

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Volume-1 Issue-6

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Title : Roll Stack Deflection Model For Hot Rolling Mill

Authors : G. P. Oza, Ramesh Sagpariya


Title : Overview of IEEE 802.15.4 Standard

Authors : Merlin S. Goes, Dr. Ameeta G. Sinai Amonkar


Title : Review - Value Stream Mapping for Improvement in Productivity

Authors : H. G. Acharya, Dr. R. L. Jhala, M. R. Sama


Title : Optimization of Effective Parameters of Bio-Diesels Extracted From Cotton Seed Oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil & Coconut Oil

Authors : Deepak Ashri, Dr. Raj Kumar, Jatin Kansal


Title : Static Analysis of 3 Cubic Meter Tractor Trailer

Authors : Dhaval P. Patel, T. D. Parmar, Ankit Prajapati


Title : A Survey on Privacy Preserving Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : Damor Meena, Panchal Krunal


Title : A 1-V, 10-Bit, 40MS/S CMOS Pipelined Analog to Digital Converter

Authors : Poovaragavan.S, Ramkumar.K, Keerthikumar.D.N


Title : Wireless Command Controlled Electronics Intelligent & Smart Security System (WCCEISSS)

Authors : Dipak M. Rathod, Rajendra J. Kadivar


Title : Implementation of Reputation Based Trust Management System Using NS-2 Simulator

Authors : Bhawna, Taruna


Title : A Review of Literature on Lean Manufacturing Practices in Automobile Industry

Authors : Er. Rajesh K. Mehta, Dr. K. K. Chhabra


Title : Performance Analysis and Emission Characterization of Various Blends of Mustard Oil Biodiesel on Automotive C.I. Multi Cylinder Engine

Authors : Deepak Ashri, Supreet Singh, Mayank Chhabra, Rajeev Kumar


Title : A Study of Supply Chain Management Practices: A Case of Cotton Industry

Authors : Er. Anil Kumar Bansal, Dr. Raj Kumar, Er. Neershesh Gupta


Title : Design of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN using HFSS

Authors : Patel Nikita V., R. N. Patel


Title : A Detailed Study of Different Types of NDT Techniques in Industries under Different Machining Methods Used - A Review Paper

Authors : Mohit Bector, Raj Kumar, Krishankant Sharma


Title : Meshing Stiffness and Stress Analysis of Helical Gear of C45 in Dynamic Condition using Analysing Software

Authors : Mr. Chirag R Patel, Mr. Samir D. Jarivala, Mr. Charmis Rajput


Title : A Survey on Cluster Head Selection in CGSR Protocol forWireless Sensor Network

Authors : Sanandia Parth P.,Sheikh Javid R.


Title : The Bilingual Named Entity Recognizer Framework in English and Hindi Language

Authors : Ruhi Mahajan, Ankita Koshti


Title : Performance and Exhaust Gas Emission of Compressed Natural Gas Fueled Internal Combustion Engine in Dual Fuel Mode

Authors : Alpesh K. Panchal, Chirag M. Patel, Gaurav P. Rathod, Tushar M. Patel


Title : Dynamic Creation of Bump Images and Profile Generation from DEM

Authors : Gaurav Dongre, Ms. Pratibha M. Umale


Title : Reclamation of Slag as Flux Consumption by the Effect of Welding Parameters in Submerged Arc Welding

Authors : Sandeep, KrishanKant, Mohit Bector, Anoop Verma


Title : Survey on Various Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : Pandar Manisha B.


Title : Seismic Performance of Elevated Tank Staging Patterns under Different Ground Motions

Authors : Varun Suchak, Dipak Jivani


Title : Advanced GPS & GSM Based Navigation System for Blinds

Authors : Arijit Datta


Title : ID card with Embedded RFID

Authors : Vrushali Wankhede


Title : Evaluation of Engine Performance and Emission by Using Diesel and It's Blend with Tyre Pyrolysis Oil, and DEE on Four Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

Authors : Chintan D. Patel, Hardik J. Patel, Hirenkumar M. Patel, Tusar M. Patel, Gourav P. Rathod