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Volume-6 Issue-4

MARCH 2019

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31th MARCH 2019

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Volume-3 Issue-11

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Title : Fabrication and Tensile Testing of Al6063 based Mono and Hybrid Composites

Authors : Er. Ankit Kumar, Er. Deepak Gupta, Dr. Rajkumar


Title : Stabilization of Clayey Soil using Shredded Rubber Tyre and Marble Dust

Authors : Gourav Baveja, Ved Parkash, Vishal Kumar


Title : Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction of RC Multi Storey Buildings on Different Foundations - A Review

Authors : D. Vigneshkumar, B. Soundara


Title : Stabilization of Clayey Soil using Steel Slag

Authors : Saurabh Kumar, Ved Parkash, Vishal Kumar


Title : Pattern Matching Algorithm for Providing Security and Recuding Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : Vinoth Kumar.S, Anu Radha Devi.V.S, Chinnadurai.S.U, Janani.K


Title : Survey on Secure and Energy Efficient Cluster Optimization by using Hierarchical Clustering Technique

Authors : P.Poonkodi, D.Akshara, S.Gaayathri, S.P.Jeevakanth


Title : Assessment of Risk Causes Affecting Occupational Health Risk

Authors : Suresh R Sawant, Prof.B.V.Birajdar, Prof. Sandip Chavan


Title : Hybrid APF based PQ Improvement in RES Integrated Grid System

Authors : P. Omkar Reddy, Sk. Meera Shareef, V. Hari Babu


Title : Memory Learning using Cluster Assimilation approach in CBIR

Authors : Dr. Renuka Devi SM