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Volume-5 Issue-3


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28th FEBRUARY 2018

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  • Call for Paper:
    Volume 5 Issue 3 FEBRUARY 2018,
    Last Date for submission:
    28th FEBRUARY 2018
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Volume-3 Issue-4

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Title : Optimization of Process Parameters for Friction Stir Lap Welding of AA6061-T6 and AA7075-T6 Aluminum Alloys Using Taguchi Technique

Authors : Mr. Renjith CR, Mr. Rathish Raghupathy, Mr. Dhanesh GM


Title : Fabrication of Solar Operated Thermoelectric Refrigerator cum Oven - a Review

Authors : Prof. Bharat M. Jibhakate, Jhankar Nikose, Ankit Mishra, Sugat Khandare, Sourabh Choudhari


Title : Design and Development of Power Generation using Air Exhauster for Industrial Applications

Authors : D.Velmurugan, G.Abinaya, L.Ahila, B.Saravanakumar, K.Thirumoorthy


Title : Stabilization of Soil using Lime

Authors : T.S.Umesha, B.G.Shiva Prakash, H.Deva Sharma


Title : ZVS based SEPIC Converter Fed DC Motor using PIC Microcontroller

Authors : Paulin jothi kiruba G.J, Angelin Blessy.W, Priya.L, Samson Raj.B, Siva Kumar .M


Title : Implementation of Aerofoil Power Generator on Cellular Base Station for Emergency Backup

Authors : Dhanalakshmi.S, Prasanth.J, Sahana.I, Sudha.S, Gowtham.S


Title : Monitoring and Regulation of Drinking Water

Authors : Rajeswari.S, Manikandan.R, Menaka.S, Rahul.S, Sudharsana.S


Title : A Study of Multigate Transistor & Radiation Effects On Semiconductor Devices

Authors : Sonia, Vijay Nandal


Title : Simulation for Smart Generator Monitoring System using Microcontroller

Authors : R. Vidhya, A. Dhandapani, S. Yuvaraj, N. Harikrishna, K. Naveenkumar, S. Mohanraj


Title : Elimination of Voltage Sag/Swell using Dynamic Voltage Restorer

Authors : R.Kalaivani, K.Arunvishnu, M.G.Jakir Hussain, R.Lokeshwaran, M.Rajkumaran