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Volume-6 Issue-4

MARCH 2019

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31th MARCH 2019

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Volume-4 Issue-4

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Title : Detection and Classification of Leukemia using Image Segmentation and SVM Classifier

Authors : Preeti Jagadev, H.G.Virani


Title : Botnet Traffic Detection & Analysis by using Apriori Algorithm

Authors : Mr. Ankit Mehta, Prof. Pinakini Patel, Prof. Janak Tank


Title : Study of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System Performance

Authors : Karishma Naik, Palhavi Kerkar


Title : Ferrenti Effect Compensation by Thyristor Switched Reactor (TSR) in FACTS

Authors : Anupriya, Monika Saharan, Nishant Jakhar, Navneet Roy Chowdhury


Title : Design, Development and Testing of Full Face and Staggered Geometry of Friction Lining in Automated Single Plate Clutch

Authors : Amar S. Kekare, Prof. V. R. Gambhire


Title : Speed Control of Induction Motor by using Closed Loop Inverter Circuit

Authors : Jugraj Meena, Kanhaiya Lal Gurjar, Keshavchand Meena, Keshav Narayan Meena, Omprakash Bairwa


Title : Analysing the Performance of Polycrystalline Solar Panel due to the Effect of Color Filters at Different Temperatures & under Different Climatic Conditions

Authors : Anshu Khokhar, Vijay Nandal


Title : Automated Library Management System

Authors : Preeti Jagadev


Title : Tariff Realization: A Review by Analysis of Three States

Authors : Shikhar Agarwal, Mantosh Kumar, Saurabh Kumar Rajpoot