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Volume-6 Issue-4

MARCH 2019

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31th MARCH 2019

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Volume-4 Issue-7

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Title : Design of Reversible Barrel Shift Register

Authors : Reena, Laxmi Chachar


Title : Comparison of Polyurethane Filter with Natural Filter of Laterite and Gravel for Grey Water Treatment

Authors : Sumiya U, Preeja Prameelan


Title : A Swift and Novel Method for Sensor less Speed Control of Induction Motor Application in Wind Energy

Authors : Abhinav Kashyap, Miss Durga Sharma


Title : An Improved technique for harmonic reduction with PI controller using shunt active power filer

Authors : Aman Tulsyan, Amit Agrawal, Durga Sharma


Title : Review Paper on Performance of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing with Nano Particles in Lubricating Oil

Authors : Sachin K. Mohite, Prof. V. R. Gambhire