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Volume-6 Issue-4

MARCH 2019

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31th MARCH 2019

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Volume-4 Issue-9

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Title : Assessing and Prioritizing the Suppliers for an Indian Manufacturing Organization using AHP

Authors : Indresh Kumar, TusharChandna


Title : Stochastic Finite Element Buckling Response of Laminated Composite Plate with Random System Properties in Thermal Environment: Micromechanical Model

Authors : Ashwani Rohila, Dharamveer Singh, Vikas Chander


Title : An Efficient Technique to Detect Brain Tumour using Magnetic Resonance Images

Authors : Amit Sharma, Priyanka


Title : Comparative Study of various Noise Filters for Magnetic Resonance Images

Authors : Amit Sharma, Priyanka


Title : Efficient Solution with Securities Issue for Routing Protocol in Wireless Network

Authors : Bhagappa, Kiran Kumar A., Vijay Anand H. M.


Title : Wavelet Design and Image Compression Using mwav Orthogonal Wavelet

Authors : Sangeeta Shukla, Dr. Akhilesh Upadhyay


Title : Experimental & Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer from Horizontal Interrupted Fins with Perforations under Natural Convection

Authors : J.S. Chavan, R.D. Shelke, H.N. Deshpande


Title : Multi-Effector Action Optimized Reinforcement Learning

Authors : Mr. S. Senthil Kumar, Dr. T. N. Ravi

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