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APRIL 2019

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30th APRIL 2019

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Volume-5 Issue-4

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Title : Performance Evaluation of Gauss-Markov Mobility Model in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Authors : Satveer Kour, Sandeep Kaur, Hardeep Singh


Title : To Study Performance Improvement of Solar Water Pumping System

Authors : Nandita Pakhmode, Amit Agrawal, Prgya Patel


Title : Security Control of Service Models in Cloud Computing: A General Scope

Authors : Sandeep Kaur, Satveer Kaur, Hardeep Singh


Title : A Novel Fender – Bender Emergency Activation and Location Tracking System

Authors : Dr.T.Rajesh, HariRoobha S, Jawahar M, Mohan Kumar


Title : A Survey on Smart Healthcare

Authors : Dhanushree. K, Ganga Bhavani. G Janani. S3Sushma. H, K.Venkata Rao


Title : Monitor and Assess Natural Disaster using Twitter Data in Data Analytics

Authors : Dr.S. Padmapriya, K. Sowmiya, P. Subhasini, T.S.Vijayalakshmi


Title : A Review Paper on Photovoltaic Array Connected Micro Grid System

Authors : Shweta Dash, Vishwanath Prasad Kumri, Amit Agarwal


Title : A Study on Implementation of Data Mining Techniques for Cardiac Disease Prediction

Authors : Keerti. R, Nandana. B, Chandini. S, Lakshmi. R, P.Priyanga


Title : A Review Paper on an Approach for Reconstructing the Image with Combine Structure and Texture Image Inpainting using Gradient Descent Algorithm

Authors : Pravesh Pal, Onshi Verma, Laxmikant Dewangan


Title : Survey on Mobile Applications Related to Pharmaceutical Industry and Healthcare

Authors : Swathi. K, Apoorva. R, Chaitra. R, Mamatha.P.N, Manasa.M


Title : A Secure Data Sharing for Hierarchical Sub-Groups using Identity-Based Encryption Scheme for E-Healthcare System

Authors : Kumar K, Hemanth Kumar, G BasamSindu Priya, Akshay P, Ajay Kumar S M


Title : Survey on Data Mining Techniques for Agriculture

Authors : Harshavardhan.J. R, Lathashree. R, S. Lekhashree, Akash.J. V, Mohammed Rashid


Title : Enhanced Password Authentication for Web Services

Authors : Kumar K, Aishwarya R, Amulya A Shetty, Kavana U, Manasa M


Title : Opportunities and Challenges of E-Commerce in the Case of Ethiopia

Authors : Dr.B.Barani Sundaram, Miss.Seelam Sowjanya, Dr.Venkatesh Andavar, Dr.N.R.Reddy


Title : A Review Paper on Driver Fatigue Detection & Warning System

Authors : Pragya Kaushik, Shikha Singh

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