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Volume-6 Issue-4

MARCH 2019

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31th MARCH 2019

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Volume-5 Issue-5

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Title : Flight Search Techniques in Web Development

Authors : VishnuVijay P. R, Venkatesh. N, P. Srinivas, Sharath A.V, P.Priyanga


Title : A Review Paper on Localization Algorithm for Multilateration System

Authors : Tushar Dhar Badgaiyan, Ravi Tiwari


Title : A Survey on Different Classification Techniques for Detecting Phishing Websites

Authors : Maanasa Narayan, Gowri S. J., Malavika.P.B, Meghana.R, Kushal Kumar.B.N


Title : Evidence Collection from Web Browsers using Data Mining Technique

Authors : Dayananda R B, Kavyashree Jayaprakash, Harish S, Gowtham A, Harsha S Gowda


Title : Security System for Detection of Intrusion & Mines with Wireless Secured Communication & Movement Tracking in Terrains

Authors : Mr.Raghavendrachar S., Mayhuri A., DeepashreeG., Likith K., Muthineni Poornima


Title : A Survey Paper for Brain Tumor Detection and Classification

Authors : Dhananjaya. M, NithishUllur. K, Vaneeta. M


Title : Fruit Grading System using Computer Vision Techniques

Authors : Debasmita Bhoumik


Title : G.729, G.723.1, G.722.2 ITU-T Speech Codecs: A Review

Authors : Harsh Patel, Prof.Kinnar Vaghela


Title : Design of High Speed Efficient Modified 16-Bit Booth Multiplier using VHDL

Authors : Miss. Sayali Gaidhane, Prof. R. D. Kadam


Title : Design and Modaling of Cryogenic Valve Box for Superconducting Cavity of Cryomodule

Authors : Vivek J. Prajapati


Title : A Survey on Chronic kidney Disease Early Stage Prediction using Classification Techniques

Authors : Ankur Sharma, Ms. Sonal Arora


Title : Recommendation of Web Pages Based on User Profile and Information

Authors : Priyanka R. D., Karthikeyan C., Saravanan R.


Title : Speech signal with Enhanced Multi – Pulse excitation codevector with minimized Mean Square Error

Authors : Harsh Patel, Prof.Kinnar Vaghela


Title : Ranking & Filtering Prevalent News using Media Factors

Authors : Srishank Jaiswal, Kumar Vibhaw, Harish Kumar.T, Chethan.K., VijayaLaxmi Mekali


Title : Wireless Sensor Network with Modified Low Energy Adaptive Cluster Hierarchy using Cluster Head Leach Protocol

Authors : Saurabh Kumar, Ms Nidhi


Title : Net Spam: Opinion Spam Detection in Online Review Communities

Authors : Abdul Qadir Ansari, Akshit Bansal, Anuradha Sharma, Kumar Sanu, Sanjoy Das


Title : Performance Analysis of Hypervisor in Nested Virtualization

Authors : Pragnesh Pargi, Arvind Meniya


Title : A Survey on Intrusion Detection and Surveillance System for Defense

Authors : Mr.Raghavendrachar S, Mayhuri A, Deepashree G, Likith K, Muthineni Poornima


Title : A Combined Efficient Approach to Handle Black Hole Attack for AODV in MANET

Authors : Mr. Hardik Talsania, Prof. Zishan Noorani


Title : Potential of Solar Steam Generator Based on Evacuated Tube for Heating and Humidification

Authors : Navjot Singh1 Rahu, Kumar Mittal, Munish Kainth